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- Renacer -*
The joint theater project of Recicladores
and students of the Colegio Andino

a Wolfgang Busch production, teacher at the Colegio Andino (Bogotá, Colombia)

(* "Renacer" means "to be reborn".)

Twelve human beings find themselves in the middle of a huge dump of garbage and trash. We learn about their many a difficult fates while they are looking desperately for the key to the exit of this giant garbage heap. They join together in alliances and have it out in mortal conflicts.
At the end they learn that the key for the exit lies within their hearts, and they prefere to stay in this place.
* * *
In the social theater project "Renacer" people of very different social origin meet: This person produces the garbage which that person earns his living from. Students of the Colegio Andino - one of the most exclusive schools in Bogota - work together for a production with "Recicladores" - people who look in the dark in front of the van of the garbage collection department for recyclable material (paper, cardboard, glass, metall) and sell it for a handful of pesos to wholesalers.
* * *
It turns out that the participants of this joint work are not "all equal", like many social projects pretend. For example, the students sacrifice their free time, however, the recicladores loose part of their day's takings! It is quite possible that this leads to some conflicts. Many participants stood on the stage for the first time of their life, and after the premiere all are proud of the successful performance.

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