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a musical in co-operation with the Deutsche Schule Cali (June 2001)
First we went to Cali with our orchestra, our choirs and our Salsa-Band - afterwards the Calenos visited us.
In both schools we had two performances:
The musical and the "Concert of the Choirs".
The Calenos made the choreography for the musical and provided the actors and we played the music.
A palm tree on the playground in Cali
My colleague in Cali: Andrés Zapateiro
In Cali our orchestra is waiting for the rehearsal
Dancing rehearsal of the Vampires -  without costumes
"Three angels for Charlie"
The performance in Bogotá
The Professor examine the first body meanwhile his assistant Alfred is courting Sarah 
The Girls of the Night
The angels are singing the Kyrie just before midnight
The Professor and Alfred warn the people against the Vampires
A knight guards the  castle of Lord Krolock
Sarah nearly belongs to him
But she feels that something is not right
The Vampires are dancing
Sarah and all the others who were already bitten were rescued by the Professor and Alfred  -
Lord Krolock and his partner are very furious about that!
Concert of the Choirs in Bogotá
Gustavo (Lord Krolock) and  Paola (Alfred) are dancing Salsa
The Choir of the  Bachillerato
The Rappers (Choir of the Primaria)
All are dancing with the Salsa-Band
Afterwards in the disco in Chia
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