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These are Photos from our trip to Mexico
in July/August 2000 (part 2: Isla Mujeres/ Tulum/ Coba)

Isla Mujeres
(Quintana Roo/ Peninsula of Yucatan)

A convenient place to escape the hotel aglomeration of Cancun, where we did not stay for very long time.

Tulum (Quintana Roo/Peninsula of Yucatan)

The Tulum ruins, in the style of the toltecan Mayas, merits notices for his setting right on the beach.

These "Voladores" slide down on ropes down a high mast. An ancient holy ritus now as a tourist show...

Coba (Quintana Roo/Peninsula of Yucatan)

Endless extents of Yucatan... once in a while you see a ruin of the Mayas...

The Mayas did not know Roman arches, they built so-called cantilevers.

You can find rare animals and plants; there are also poisonous snakes.

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