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These are photos from our trip to Mexico
in July/August 2000 (
Part 4: Palenque/ San Christobal/ Canyon de Sumidero)

Palenque (Chiapas)

Temple of the sun    Temple 14    Temple of theInscriptions     Palace

Temple of the inscriptions

Mural and figure of the Mayas

The waterfall of Misol-Ha 25 km south of Palenque invites you to take a refreshing bath.

66 km south of Palenque is another swimming opportunity: Agua Azul. Indians sell food to the tourists.

San Christobal(Chiapas)

The church of Santo Domingo in San Christobal de las Casas

Canyon de Sumidero
(near Tuxtla de Gutierrez/ Chiapas)

The Canyon de Sumidero has to be explored by boat. The walls of rock are up to 1200m high.

There are freewheeling crocodils!

This rock formation, built from rocks, dripping water and moss is called "the Chrismas Tree".

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