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at the Colegio Andino
in the schoolyear 2000/2001

The German Embassy's Celebration of the day of reunification,
3rd of october 2000 at the Colegio Andino
The German Embassy's celebration of the reunification, 3rd of October 2000 at the Colegio Andino
One of the speakers on the celebration of the German reunification was the ambassador of the Republic of Germany in Colombia, Mr. Peter von Jagow.
The orchestra  and the choir of the Colegio Andino performed the "Variations about Germany" of the Jazz Composer Bardo Henning from Berlin.
This piece of music is kown as the 'Anthem Mix' and caused the so called 'Anthem Dispute' in Germany long before his world premiére in 1998 in Hanover, because the national anthem of the Republic of Germany and the East German anthem as well as some other quotations about the theme 'Germany' were mixed in this opus.
Here the 'German Brass Band' is marching in...
to open the concert!
By kind permission of Bardo Henning we could present the 'Anthem Mix' to the public adapted for the instruments of our college band - the latin america premiére!
A snippet from the original score from Bardo Henning.
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