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These are pictures from our trip to Brasil in December 2000 and July 2012 (NEW!)
Salvador - Bahia
Salvador, the Upper and the Lower town
  The famous lift Lacerda
The "Mercado Modelo" The Pelourinho is the center of the touristic Pelourinho district.
The beauty of the Old Town is decaying due to humidity...
One of the countless Samba groups in the Old Town.   Various parts of the human body donated by people who were healed in the church of Bonfim
Christmas illuminacion in the Old Town's churches.
Morro de Sao Paulo
An Island south of Salvador, ex-alternative, now very touristy spot, but still a beauty... 
Arembepe - the Hippie Village
A dream of a beach and a museum - about 60km north of Salvador. Mick Jagger und Janis Joplin are said to have stayed here..
Praia do Forte
The turtles leave their eggs on the beach. There are some raising stations, who take care for the animals.
Proyecto TAMAR more Infos HERE! (English/Portuguese)
Lencois - National Park of Chapada Diamantina
450km inland you can see a marvelous National Park!
The pictoresque town of  Lencois.
A natural water slide    
Cachoeira/Sao Felix
Sao Felix lies on the river Paraguacu, in front of its bigger  sister town Cachoeira. The ancient cigar factory Dannemann is now a cultural center.
The Cathedral of the ancient cacao boom town  Ilheus.                 The Convent Nuestra Senora de Piedade.

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