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80th anniversary celebrations
of the Colegio Andino
(May/June 2002)
The joint concert of the orchestras of the Colegio Andino with the orchestras of the Foundacion Batuta
Oscar Wilches, the conductor of the orchestra of the Foundacion Batuta
The instrumental group of the  Colegio Andino played together with the pre-orchestra of the Foundacion Batuta
Also this week the new swimming pool of the Colegio Andino was opened.
The Bachillerat's Choir, the Teacher's Choir and the Choir of San Mateo performed an orchestrated version of the "Missa Rotna" by Danish composer Bent Peder Holbrecht.
In June: the same procedure as every year....
the final concert of the school year 2001/2002
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