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Photos of Colombia.... Part 9 
(Cundinamarca, Boyacá and Santander)
These are pictures from our trip to Boyaca and Santander  in November 2000 and in August 2009
The Lake of Sisga - Dpto. Cundinamarca

Surfing by the Lamas...
Raquirá - Dpto. Boyacá

Pottery and handicraft in Raquirá
The Lake of Tota - Dpto. Boyacá
A white sandy beach at an altidude of more than 3000m! - La Playa Blanca del Lago de Tota.
Villa de Leyva - Dpto. Boyacá
The pittoresque colonial town of Villa de Leyva and its Saturday Market.






Puente de Boyacá
The bridge of Boyacá - a very important landmark for Colombian history.

In this place Simón Bolívar led Colombia to independence in 1819.
The little hell- symbols of fertility near Villa de Leyva 
A row of houses by the riverside in Moniquirá, a little village in the north of Boyacá.
Production of charcoal near Samacá, Boyacá
Dpto. Santander

Socorro - a mountain village, where independency had been declared in 1810 already.
Barichara - Dpto. Santander
Barichara - a picturesque colonial town on the rim of the Río Suárez canyon...
The cathedral of Barichara. (18th century)
The valley of the Río Suárez.
The cemetary and a young  inhabitant of the village Guane.
San Gil - Dpto. Santander
Like big bushy beards tillandsias hang down from the trees in the park "El Gallineral" in the city of San Gil.
Girón - Dpto. Santander

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