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For 5 years, from 1998 to 2003, I worked as a music teacher from Hamburg/Germany at the "Colegio Andino" - Deutsche Schule Bogota/Colombia. I am interested in South America, Sailing, Traveling and MUSIC (especially Jazz and Latin Music) and computer music, all educational aspects of music, arrangements, midi files, MP3 a.s.o. I live in Hamburg now again.

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O The concerts of the bands I play with:
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Hafenstraße 17, 25813 Husum

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German school in Bogota
(colegio andino)

jazz&latin music,
midi files,
music research,
music pedagogy

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Colombia &
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Support children in Colombia!
(On the home page of the Ada-Adoptionsberatung you can learn about their social projects in Colombia and about adoption of Colombian children!)


Investigation of Big Band Arrangements by Thad Jones for the Thad Jones - Mel Lewis Orchestra

Musik der Welt - Kolumbien (in German)


Page of Wayúu Indians in Bogotá!

Renacer - 

the joint social theater project with "Recicladores"("Rag-and-bone-men") and students of the Colegio Andino Bogotá!

My son LEANDRO , born in Bogotá the 10th of July 2002!


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Photo pages of Latin America:
Brasil: Salvador & Bahia
Brasil: Sergipe, Alagoas and Pernambuco
Argentina: Buenos Aires
Brasil: Manaus
Brasil: Friburgo
Brasil: Iguacu
Brasil: Rio de Janeiro
Ecuador: Galapagos Islands
Ecuador (Mainland)
Ecuador: Banos , the Chimborazo , Riobamba, QuevedoTulcán
Colombia: Las Lajas, Ipiales (Narino)
Colombia: The Park of Chingaza
Colombia: Boyacá and Santander
Colombia: Desert of Tatacoa
Colombia: San Agustin
Colombia: Tierradentro
Colombia: Guambiano-Indios in Silvia
Colombia: Popayan, Easter-Processions
Colombia: Armenia/Coffee-Zone
Colombia: Bogotá
Colombia: Musicians from San Andrés in Bogotá
Colombia: Leticia
Colombia: Dpto. Bolívar
Venezuela: Colonia Tovar


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