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Pictures of Colombia.... Part 11 
(Dpto. BolÝvar)
These are picture from our trip to BolÝvar in August 2009
Cartagena - Dpto. BolÝvar

A Toucan within the patio of the Hotel Sta. Clara.


The Harbor of Cartagena and the Old Town


Islas del Rosario - Dpto. BolÝvar

The "Girl's Toaster"!

Mompˇs - Dpto. BolÝvar

The tiring trip to Mompˇs takes more than 7 hours either way on bumpy dirt roads and by ferries  - no matter if you come from Cartagena or Bucaramanga.


The colonial city of Mompˇs has a very special ambiente due to its isolated situation on the river Magdalena.

A small unkempt botanical garden.


The whole village takes part in the Corraleja.



A Pi˝ata on a street party


Puerto Colombia
A beach village near Barranquilla
Vulkan El Totumo- Dpto. BolÝvar

A mud bath in a 15m-high volcano!


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This was the last part of the Colombia pictures.
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