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These are photos from our trip to Mexico
in July/August 2000 (
Teil 3: Chichen Itza/ Uxmal/ Loltun)

Chichen Itza (Yucatan)

El Castillo, the Pyramid of Kukulkan and a figurine from inside the pyramid.

The Tempel of the Warriors and the Hall of the 1000 Columns

The Temple of the Jaguars

Through that ring on the pelota field at a height of 5 meters a ball had to be played using the hip, the bottom, knees or ellbow. The losers were sacrificed to the sun!

More Details from Chichen Itza...

Uxmal (Yucatan)

the Pyramid of the Fortune-teller.

The Palace of the Governers and detail of its front.

The cavern of Loltun (Yucatan)

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